What’s a typical day like in the life of a successful maple syrup producer?

What’s a typical day like in the life of a successful maple syrup producer?

Well, let’s just say that it takes a lot of hard work and expertise in a very limited amount of time. Add-in some special visits from Mother Nature and there’s sure to be no two days the same.

The Kawartha Maple Farm has been in the family for ___ years. During this time, the business has grown and now has more than ____ taps. We also produce specialty maple products: ________________ and sell them ______. Today, more than ____ million gallons of sap are processed annually.

The owner _______ assigns the day’s tasks to the employees and they begin their workday. Dependent on the weather, they might boil sap or clean the tubing system.

What’s the process?

With the spring weather, the sap begins to flow. Monitors at the farm inform when the tanks are full and if there are issues with the lines. The sap from the tanks is collected on flatbed trucks and taken to a dump station on the property. From here, the sap runs through a machine called a reverse osmosis machine. The water is removed from the sap and the concentrated sap is boiled. The sap goes through the evaporator, thickens, and increases in sugar content. The sugar sand or grit is removed through a filter press and then the syrup is quality checked for color and clarity. From here, it is packaged in stainless steel barrels until bottled. Each step of this process is closely monitored and attended to by experienced, dedicate employees.

The maple season from April to the first part of May is concentrated on producing the maple syrup and, subsequently, the staff is increased to help tap the trees and complete any repairs to the tubes, etc.

Our farm is open year-round and the store is open ___.

We are proud to be a generational farm and to pass on the history of an art dating back to the First Nations across Canada. We are equally proud and appreciative of the farm that has helped instill a hard work ethic, teamwork, and responsibility for our family and our employees who we consider “family.”  

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