From Our Farm
to Wholesalers

So many reasons that Kawartha should be your bulk supplier…
what’s yours?

wholesale distributors

As a traditional product in Canada and now spreading across the world, maple syrup’s special and delicious flavor can’t be beat.

Our maple syrup is used to make a whole array of maple products from _____ to _____ and _____, among others.   (baked goods, granola, fresh juice, sausages and meats, ciders, candies, marinades, craft beer???)

The health benefits of maple syrup compared to corn syrup or cane sugar sweeteners are becoming more known and yet another reason that consumers purchase maple syrup today.

About __% of Kawartha’s maple syrup in all grades are sold in bulk in 150 L drums to large packers. The other __ % is wholesaled to retailers as bottled syrup and ____. Our promise to you is that the same care and quality of all of the products are also provided in our bulk packages.

We stand by our superior taste and pure maple flavor. And we offer competitive prices.

The bulk maple syrup is subject to availability. Please call ____ or email us for further details.

It is our plan to keep expanding the wholesale side of our business through our website. We pride ourselves on being reliable and strong partners to get you what you need.

We work with you to ensure the best packaging, shipping, and handling options. In addition, we offer flexible shipping via parcel or pallet, flexible payment terms, and a discounted wholesale pricing based on volume.

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