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For generations, our farm has been involved in the rearing of cattle and syrup production. Two pioneer families started a syrup operation here as far back as the 1860s and we are honored to maintain the tradition.

We purchased the land in 1989 and grew from a humble 1,000 taps to over 6,000 today, making us Kawartha Lakes's largest maple syrup producer.

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A family

"The inspiration for maple syrup production came from my childhood visits to my great Uncle Alvin’s syrup operation, which had originally been started by my great grandfather John James Gostlin about a century ago.

By 10 years of age, I tapped some soft maple trees behind my parent’s house with homemade spiles, juice cans and jars to catch the sap. In those days, the sap was boiled on the kitchen stove… I was hooked."

Bryan Bartley
Founder & Head-Farmer-in-Chief
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a Unique

Over millions of years, the region's Precambrian
sedimentary rocks were compressed and cemented under the weight of calcite, water and algae, and transformed into limestone. This may explain the abundance of sugar bushes in the region as there is evidence to suggest that maple trees love limestone based soils.

We can't guarantee it, but we think the high quality of syrup we produce is due, in part, to the fact that our bush sits on top a mother lode of limestone.

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A Trade of

Maple syrup is a passion for us, not just a commodity.
We recognize you have a choice when it comes to purchasing maple syrup. This is why we endeavor to make every bottle a "Goldilocks experience" – something exquisitely remarkable. As such, we employ a small batch process and taste every liter we produce (that's over 165,000 L so far) to ensure we stay true to our high-quality, delicious-taste standards. The result is, in our opinion, a syrup that's right in the sweet spot between golden and dark with a caramel-like intensity, making it rich but not too robust.

We have been supplying the Kawartha Lakes region, Simcoe County, Haliburton County and beyond for more than three decades. And we hope, you'll continue to bring a little bit of our farm to your table for many more

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delightfully sweet


Aside from drizzling it over your breakfast pancakes, Kawartha
Maple Syrup is great for baking, roasting, BBQing and saucemaking, and dissolves nicely into hot or cold beverages.

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