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Ontario maple syrup

As the largest maple syrup producer in Kawartha Lakes, we are proud to carry on the long-held tradition of turning sap into delicious syrup. Locally owned since 1955, Kawartha Maple offers only the purest and highest quality (grade A) maple syrup.

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Every batch
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To say Brian, our Head-Farmer-in-Chief, is obsessed with syrup quality would be an understatement. He's been involved in syrup production since the age of 10 as his father was a producer, and so was his grandpa. Before it's bottled, he'll taste every batch of Kawartha maple syrup to ensure only the highest grade makes its way to your table.

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Traditionally Made
Yet Environmentally

There’s a saying about farmers being the first environmentalists. And that truly resonates with how we do things on our farm! From keeping the syrup free of additives and artificial flavors, to helping reduce our environmental footprint. In fact, we're part of a local solar power program that offsets our power consumption. There's no reason why a traditional farm can't supply both syrup and electricity to its community.

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perfectly sweet

Kawartha's syrup can be described as having a medium maple flavor: not too strong, not to weak – and the perfect touch of sweetness. We also carefully time our sap harvest to yield a slightly thicker liquid. This produces a richer feel in the mouth.

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Kawartha Syrup
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