Ontario maple Syrup Farm Tours

Have you ever wanted to visit an Ontario Maple
Syrup farm? Get the chance to ask all the questions
you've ever had about Maple Syrup.

Please note, tours are cancelled until further notice due to covid.

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Norland, Ontario Maple Syrup Farm tours

What could be more Canadian than pure sweet, sticky maple syrup? We are happy to continue Canada’s rich tradition. Tucked away on hundreds of acres, Kawartha Maple Syrup Farm harvests some of Ontario's finest maple syrup.

We love giving tours of the farm that produces __ gallons of maple syrup a year. We are open to visitors _____.  (in the spring? from February through April? __ days a week? six weeks during the spring). Please note that the tours on are hold due to the pandemic right now.

As you arrive, the smell of the maple trees reminds you of expansive woodlands and fresh forested trails. We’ll lead you on a tour to see the trees that produce the sap that will be boiled into maple syrup. You’ll also see firsthand how the trees are tapped and be reminded of the First Nations and early European explorers who discovered this sweet treat centuries ago.

Tradition meets modern practices

As you tour the farmland that was once just a forest and has been planted with maple trees that have since matured, you can freely ask questions. No worries, your local maple syrup expert is sure to know the answer!  

Next, it’s time to experience an evaporator house where the liquid from the trees is boiled at over 400° C. Just when you are imagining that sugary taste, your tour guides, Brian and Miriam, satisfy your senses with a spoonful of fresh maple syrup.

The taste is savory… sugary, sweet, smooth. An image of a stack of pancakes topped with butter and maple syrup fills your mind and you can’t help but smile of past favorite times.

You’ll come away with knowing a little bit more about sustainability and forestry which includes the production of our famous maple syrup while sampling the finest and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Top off the tour with a visit to our evaporator house.. Offering a variety of yummy maple syrup products to indulge yourself or to take home as a souvenir or gift, our products are sure to please.

Stay tuned for updates on when we'll be open again for tours.

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